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Copyright Declaration
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The manuscripts may be submitted by email to this multidisciplinary journal (International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies or IJIMS). Please visit the submit manuscript page for submitting articles. Ethical Matters : Authors should strictly ensure that the manuscript is plagiarism free. The manuscript should be prepared strictly as per authors guidelines. The journal may limit the contents/ make necessary changes in the article, if needed. Studies on humans should had permission from relevant ethical committee.The same applies to studies on animals . Authors submitting manuscript written in English are requested to check their article using any online free plagiarism checker .We suggest to use to restrict plagiarism, for free. Manuscript can be submitted any time throught the year. After the article is accepted by the journal for publication , you should download the copyright form , fill it up and send to us a scanned copy of it by email.

Format of the manuscript

Manuscripts submitted should have the following :
Title (The following details must be centered just beneath the title : authors names, affiliations , email ids and telephone/ mobile no. of each authors. Note:The corresponding author should be indicated by *)
Abstract (within 200 words).It should have 4-5 keywords.
Materials and Methods
Acknowledgements (should be in a single line) and
References :In text citation of references should be done using numbers in superscript. The references provided at the end of the paper should strictly follow Vancouver referencing style .Some examples are shown below.

Authors Full Surname Authors name Initials . Title of the paper, Name of the journal, Year of publication, Volume (Issue no.) : Page no.

Abraham H and Pal SK . Animal Biotechnology Options in Improving Livestock Production in the Horn of Africa , Int. J. Interdiscip. Multidiscip. Stud., 2014; 1(3):1-8.

Journal with more than three authors:
Authors (only first three authors should be mentioned and et al should be added after three authors) .Title of the paper, Name of the journal, Year of publication, Volume (Issue no.) : Page no.

Moreno LA, Mesana MI, Gonzalez-Gross M, et al. Anthropometric body fat composition reference values in Spanish adolescents. The AVENA Study. Eur. J. Clin. Nutr., 2006; 60: 191- 6.

Authors . Name of the book . Place of publication:Publisher; Year of publication.

Simons NE, Menzies B, Matthews M. A Short Course in Soil and Rock Slope Engineering. London: Thomas Telford Publishing; 2001.

Book: chapter in an edited book
Authors .Title of the Chapter. In: Name of editors (eds.) .Name of the book .Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication . Page no.

Partridge H, Hallam G. Evidence-based practice and information literacy. In: Lipu S, Williamson K, Lloyd A. (eds.) Exploring methods in information literacy research. Wagga Wagga, Australia: Centre for Information Studies; 2007. p. 149-170.

Authors. Name of the report . Publishing organization / body .Year of publication.

Leatherwood S. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises of the western North Atlantic. U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Report number: 63, 2001.

Website / web page
Title of the topic consulted from the webpage [Online]
Available from: link / URL
[Accessed Month and year].

European Space Agency. Mission to mars [Online]
Available from:
[Accessed July 2008].

Authors. Title of the thesis . [Level of the thesis i.e. Masters or Ph.D, etc]. Place :University or Institution; Year .
Kay JG. Intracellular cytokine trafficking and phagocytosis in macrophage [ PhD thesis].Kolkata : University of Calcutta ; 2007.

For more details of Vancouver referencing you can visit

Figures and Tables

Each Figure and Table with titles and legends should appear in separate page at the end of references (not within text of manuscript).They should be referred in the text as per requirement using numerical(1, 2, etc) .Title of the tables should be given above it .The title of figures should be given below it.The maximum no of tables or graphs permitted is 6 in a manuscript of 15 pages. Pictures / graphs should preferabbly be in black & white.

Front , Size , etc

Manuscript written in English should be in MS word format (2003/ 2007). Font & size: The entire manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman, front style “regular”, and front size 9 (use size 12 bold in case of title of the manuscript which should have single line spacing, size 11 regular in case of authors name, size 8 regular in case of authors affiliations, headings like Introduction ,etc within text/ body should be of size 9 bold).Subheadings may be in size 9 italics.Do not use all capital letters to write the title of the paper or headings or subheadings. Line spacing throught the manuscript should be 1.5. Top and bottom of the manuscript should have 2 cm margin,whereas the left and right of the manuscript should have 2.5 cm margin.

Manuscripts written in Bengali should compulsorily have its abstract written in English.The title of the manuscript should have an English version.Bengali manuscripts should be typed using Bangla writing software Avro Keyboard . Front : Kalpurush , size 12 ( 16 bold in case of title of the manuscript, 14 bold in case of headings and subheadings within text/ body ).Line spacing:single.

Special Note:Due to the coverage of several disciplines by IJIMS we grant liberty to the authors to choose the structure of the body of manuscript and citation style.Sections like materials and method , results , etc may not apply to manuscripts on arts, etc. Articles whether written in English / Bengali should be concise ,within 15 pages only.It should be also within 300 kb only.Extra pages would be levied extra fee. It should be free of grammatical & spelling mistakes.Authors are requested to go through the “Paper Withdrawal Policy” available at the “submit manuscript” page of the journal, if they intend to withdrawn their manuscript. Acknowledgement of the received manuscript will be done within 1-2 days .Within a week (generally 3 days) the peer review process of a manuscript is likely to be completed and the results of the review will be conveyed to the corresponding author by email . The letter of payment will be sent to the email id of the corresponding author, only if the manuscript is accepted for publication. Publication fee received from authors will be acknowledged within 2 days. .

Publication Fee
Authors have to pay publishing fee for publishing of the manuscript and other related administrative expenses. Only after payment of the fee, the articles will be published online. Each extra pages over 15, will be levied Rs 35 only ( for Indian Authors ) and 3 USD for Foreign Authors.After deposition of the fee ,an email containing the proof of payment eg. receipt, etc should be sent at .The payment of fee should be done using Internet Banking / Online Fund Transfer / Cash. The details of Account in which payments had to be done will be sent to the corresponding author via email , after acceptance of the manuscript. The fee structure for an article within 15 pages are shown below.

Publication fee (for 15 pages and Any number of Authors)
Indian Author Print: Rs 5009 Only
Web: Rs 1679 Only ; [Optional: Hard Copy*** ]
Print and Web + get Complete Journal: Rs 5999 Only
Foreign Author Print: 309 USD
Web: 109 USD ; [Optional: Hard Copy*** ]
Print and Web + get Complete Journal: 399 USD

***Optional : Indian authors may pay additional INR 600 only, to get a printed hard copy (Printed Article + Journal Cover).
Foreign authors need to pay additional 100 USD to get a hard copy.
More hard copies will cost additional amounts.

Note :The publication fee levied is very Nominal and is not subjected to any Fee Waiver.


The publisher / editorial board members of International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS) hold no responsibility for any damage or injury to individual / property arising from use of the contents of the manuscripts. Authors are fully responsible for the facts / contents / views expressed in their manuscripts.