Submit Manuscript

The intention of IJIMS is to act as a international academic research journal for multidisciplinary publications. Before submission of the manuscript to this multidisciplinary journal,authors should check that all the basic requirements as enumerated in the guideline page is fulfilled by the manuscript. Make sure that all the abbreviations used in the manuscript have been defined upon its first mention in the text . Footnotes should be avoided. Additively, ensure that citation of references within the text of the manuscript is present. In case of adoption of Figures / Diagrams / Tables from any book , journal, etc the source of it should be given in references.Submission of papers for publication, implies that all the authors have given consent for its publication in IJIMS. The manuscript should be submitted only by email to International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS). You should email your manuscript at both the following email ids : and

The journal does not have any article submission charges . However , to get the article published, there is a publication fee. Authors should acquaint themselves of the Publication Fee Structure presented in the guideline page,before submitting the manuscripts.

The submitted manuscript is assigned a reviewer within 5 hours of its submission.Peer-review of the submitted article is completed with a week. Generally, 3 days are required to complete the peer review process,and the decision of acceptance/ rejection/ comments is conveyed to the authors. In case the peer review takes place for more than 3 days, authors should compulsorily enquire the status of their paper by email. The accepted article is published in the issue for which the author has submitted it.

A cover letter should be submitted along with the manuscript. The cover letter should indicate the title of the manuscript and its authors .The country of the authors & category of the article (research paper/ review article/ short communication/ case study ,etc) should also be clearly mentioned in the cover letter.Also indicate the publication medium (Print / WEB / Print and Web) selected by you.The letter should mention, that the authors had prepared the manuscript strictly as per the guidelines set by the journal and they are submitting the manuscript for peer review, for possible publication. It should also state that the manuscript is not under consideration / peer review by any other journals.The contacts (email ids & telephone no.) of all the authors, including the corresponding author should be there in the cover letter .The name of the corresponding author should be clearly indicated.

Contacts of two potential reviewers may be mentioned in the cover letter in case of all scholarly articles .The contacts of potential reviewer for scholarly articles should include their names, present affiliation (the institution to which they are attached), e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.The journal may or may not assign the suggested reviewers to review the manuscript. The journal may assign the task of reviewing to other expertee reviewer within or outside the editorial board.Based on the referre reports, the final decision will be taken by the Editor- in - Chief in consultation with editors of respective subjects.

Paper Withdrawal Policy: Once the acceptance letter has been issued, a manuscript cannot be withdrawn ,since withdrawing leads to wastage of efforts taken by the journal in processing of the paper.After the manuscript is submitted, withdrawal of the article for genuine reasons is allowed within 5 hours of manuscript submission by just filling up the withdrawal form, which is available on request from the editorial office. After 5 hours of submitting the article has passed, if the authors want to withdraw the manuscript, then the authors in addition to filling up of withdrawal form , need to pay 60% of the publication fee to get the withdrawal form, inorder to complete the formalities of withdrawing the article. The same applies, if the authors wants to withdraw the article after getting the acceptance letter.
The withdrawal form should have signature of the author & co-authors (if any) . Additively, the form should be counter-signed (with office seal ) by the department head of the institute from where the research work has been carried out. Authors should not consider that their paper has been withdrawn from publication, until signed notification reaches them from the editors. If the author remains unresponsive & do not reply to the acceptance letter/ communications , IJIMS may publish the manuscript (without the approval of authors) any time within a period of 2 years from the date of issue of the acceptance letter. By this time period ,if the author has already published the paper accepted by IJIMS in another journal ,without withdrawing, as elaborated above, then the authors (not IJIMS) will be responsible for the consequences of publishing the same paper twice.