Volume 2 Issue 1 (November , 2014)

1. The Failure of Implementation of Land Legislations Is a Root Cause of Land Disputes in Cambodia: Case Studies of Beoung Kak Lake and Kampong Speu Sugar Company (1256 downloads) Yen Yat and Prof. Yumin Shi 2. A Treatment Module in Orthodontics: Cephalometric Polygon Norms as a Guide towards a Harmonious Individual Craniofacial Pattern among Keralites (1138 downloads) Suja Ani G 3. Histomorphological Study on Vascular Tunics of the Adult Surti Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) (925 downloads) Malsawmkima, Barhaiya, R. K., Vyas, Y. L. and Bhayani, D. M. 4. Education in India : Challenges and Its Role in Bringing Social Change (1393 downloads) Archana Agrawal and Amrita Shashi 5. Optimization of Production of Fructooligosaccride using Aureobasidium pullullans (1163 downloads) Awani Kumar Singh and S.K. Tank 6. Women’s rights in Islam (1045 downloads) Jamir Ahmed Choudhury 7. The Oppressed (729 downloads) Sushreema Dutta Sensharma 8. Design of DWT Module (888 downloads) Prabha S 9. Causes of Women Labour and Earnings in Urban Informal Sector: A Case Study of Aligarh City (1213 downloads) Shabnam Parveen 10. Study on Relationship between Stress and Adjustment among Adolescents (846 downloads) Ramya Bhaskar , Rudramma and M. Komala 11. Mapping of biophysical constraints of soils in semi-arid northern transition zone of India by GIS techniques (780 downloads) Denis M. K. Amara and P. L. Patil 12. Resistance of Child-Labor: A commitment of Human Rights in global- Indian perspective (810 downloads) Tanmoy Kundu 13. Impression of Financial Measures in HR Analytics (1118 downloads) Weena Yancey M Momin , K. Mishra 14. Study on Integration of Renewable Technologies into Power Systems (930 downloads) Priyanka Choudhury, K .Mohan 15. Attitude and Perception of the Students towards Higher Secondary Education in Churachandpur District of Manipur (1676 downloads) Ching lian Mawi and Premlata Maisnam 16. A Flight to the Unknown by Imagination: A Micro-Study of the Novel She Fell in Love…. By Dr. Rajinder Singh (651 downloads) Shibajyoti karmakar 17. Causes and Effects of Financial Unawareness on Financial Products- A Study on Notified Areas of Guwahati Municipal Corporation (970 downloads) Swapna Boruah and Kalyan Mukherjee 18. An Appreciation of Factual and Fictional Characters in the Context of Historiographic Metafiction and Intertextuality as Pat Barker’s Regeneration Trilogy (1087 downloads) Chetna Mahajan 19. Influence of Environmental Factor on the Stress of Adolescents (772 downloads) Ramya Bhaskar and Rudramma 20. The Ever-Changing Status of English in Government-Run Schools of West Bengal: Ideology, Policyand Praxis (1983-2004) (1105 downloads) Tamoghna Chattopadhyay 21. Polyandry Practiced among Jaunsari of Uttarakhand: Scope for Futuristic Study (1430 downloads) Koel Mukherjee, Kaustav Das 22. Prevalence and Correlates of Alcohol Intake In a Rural Block of Haryana, India (713 downloads) Sumit Chawla , Bharti , R. B. Jain , Pardeep Khanna , Inderjeet Singh 23. Fertility status, Degradation Rate and Vulnerability Potential of Soils of Sowa Chiefdom in Southern Sierra Leone (934 downloads) Amara Denis M. K. and Momoh Edwin J. J. 24. Antihypertensive Activity and Phytochemicals Analysis of Chassalia curviflora Extracts (1735 downloads) Wan Nur Hazirah W. Kadir and Nor Adila Mhd Omar 25. Effects of Olive Mill Wastewater on Soil Nutrients Availability (1372 downloads) Leïla Chaari ,Nada Elloumi ,Salma mseddi, Kamel Gargouri , Béchir Bourouina, Taher Mechichi, Monem Kallel 26. Prevalence of Relapse and Associated Factors in Patient with Schizophrenia at Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Institution Based Cross Sectional Study (1766 downloads) Zewdu Shewangizaw Weret and Roan Mukherjee


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