Volume 3 Issue 4 (July - Nov., 2016 (Spcl. Issue))

1. Umbilical Hernia: Mesh or Sutured Repair? (1696 downloads) Ashok Kumar Gupta and Rituraj 2. Prevalence and determinants of morbidity among under five children in rural area of Tamil Nadu (1858 downloads) Roopak Visakan Raja, Rubini M S, Hemalatha K 3. Study to evaluate the effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on Road Safety Measures among students in selected schools of Rohtak, Haryana (1747 downloads) Heaven Dahiya, Lokanathan V, Sudesh Rani 4. Levels of Estrogen and Progesterone in postmenopausal Breast cancer patients (1559 downloads) Mahor DS, Bhadra J, Seth S, Ghalaut VS, Lokanathan V, Mahor A 5. Impact of Cognition on Speech Performance in Elderly Population (1779 downloads) Sushant G. Gupta , Mansi M. Doshi 6. Profile of patients with acute aluminuim phosphide poisoning in a tertiary care institute of Haryana, India (1690 downloads) Rajpal Verma 7. Impact of Hyperglycaemia on Myocardial Infarction (1585 downloads) Santosh Gosavi, Kapil Raut 8. Inguinal Hernia Repairs: Rutkow–Robbins, Lichtenstein and Gilbert Double Layer Graft Methods (1870 downloads) Ashok Kumar Gupta, Saahil Yadav, Rituraj 9. Outcome of patients with acute aluminium phosphide poisoning in a tertiary care hospital of Haryana (1579 downloads) Rajpal Verma 10. HbA1c: A Marker for Severity of Acute Myocardial Infarction (1377 downloads) Santosh Gosavi, ShilpaKarande, Kapil Raut 11. Biosynthesis and kinetic studies of silver nanoparticles from Semecarpus ancardium Linn. F and their application (1509 downloads) Sheikh Mohmad Vasim, Devadiga Navin, Hate Manish 12. Dynamics of Syria and European Union Relations under Bashar al-Assad (1455 downloads) Amit Kumar Singh and Akanksha Gupta 13. Emotional Intelligence of Children with Single Parent and Orphaned Children (1286 downloads) Laxmi Vajpeyi and Tanishka Safri 14. Record of butterflies from high altitude cold desert, Suru valley of Kargil (Jammu and Kashmir) (1565 downloads) J.S. Tara and Zakir Hussain 15. Nutrient adequacy of school going children can be determined by dietary diversity scores within different food groups (1499 downloads) Zoomi Singh,Reena Chaturvedi and Ena Gupta 16. A Cross Sectional Study on Mobile Phone Perceptions, Usage and Impact among Urban Women and Men (1489 downloads) Geeta Kumar and Nirupama Prakash 17. Writing Their Own Stories By Challenging Gender Roles: An Observation of Revathi, Vidya And David Reimer’s Choices (1684 downloads) Gargee Ghosh 18. Incidence and Diagnostic modality for Deep Vein Thrombosis in Lower Limb Surgeries in Rural India (1205 downloads) Gajanan Pisulkar, Mahendra Gudhe, Vasant Gawande,Sohael Khan, Sandeep Wagh


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