Volume 1 Issue 7 (July,2014)

1. Arbitration Clause in Islamic Banking Contracts: A Contractual Necessity (3274 downloads) Abdul Azeez Maruf Olayemi and Bandar Khalid al-Zabyani 2. Does utilization pattern of antennal care & early neonatal practices improved by close supervision and support intervention among primigravidae in the tribal area? - Community based interventional study (1469 downloads) Mahajan Nitin, Gujrathi Amit, Kasbe Abhiram , Dhakne Supriya 3. Need of Training and Advancement for Organizational Improvement and Enhancement for Better Quality and Productivity (1417 downloads) Jameendar Ritesh 4. Butterflies of family Pieridae reported from Jammu region (Jammu and Kashmir) of India (2595 downloads) Anu Bala, J. S. Tara and Madhvi Gupta 5. An Assessment of the Knowledge, Attitude and Risk Perception of the of Pharmacist regarding HIV / AIDS In Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India) (1567 downloads) Vikas Arora 6. Major Problems in Decision Making and Problems Of the Top Level Managers in Creativity and Measures to Overcome them (1739 downloads) Jameendar Ritesh 7. Assessment of Knowledge regarding Hepatitis B among Medical Students in Rangaraya Medical College,Kakinada,Eastgodavari District,Andhra Pradesh (1519 downloads) Sujatha. P and K. Sowmya Sudha 8. Impact Of Effective and Powered Communication in The Modern Organizations and Suggestions to Remove Barriers In The Way of Effective Communication (2900 downloads) Jameendar Ritesh 9. Knowledge attitude among medical officers regarding HIV/AIDS working in different Public Health Institutions of Punjab (1369 downloads) Mohan Lal 10. Development of Tabla Literature (Article in Bengali) (1271 downloads) Krishnendu Dutta 11. A Comparative Analysis of two Expletives in Bengali : NA and TO (Article in Bengali) (1162 downloads) Nag Goutam Kumar 12. Environmental Pollution and Global Warming (1803 downloads) Anita Sharma 13. Socio-clinical and Health related Problems of the Geriatric Population: Astudy in Ganjam district of South Odisha (1379 downloads) Amit Kumar Sahu and DurgaMadhabSatapathy 14. Breastfeeding Practices in an Urban Slum of Western India: A Cross-Sectional Study (1813 downloads) Lagdir Gaikwad and Santosh Haralkar 15. Development and Validation of UV Spectrophotometric Area Under Curve (AUC) method for estimation of Pyrantel Pamoate in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form (2896 downloads) Rahul S. Kommawar and Madhuri A. Nagras 16. A cross sectional study on gender bias in Fertility and Family Planning choices in a Rural Area of Patan District of Gujarat, India (2095 downloads) Nilesh Thakor , Dipak Prajapati , Sunil Nayak and Jignesh Chauhan 17. Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on Environmental Education on level of Awareness of Prospective Teachers (2254 downloads) Kamini Gupta 18. Documentation of Aquatic Invasive Alien flora of Jammu region, Jammu and Kashmir (1698 downloads) Rupinder Kour, Bhawandeep Kaur , Sanjay Bhatia and Kuldeep K Sharma 19. A Case Report of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Punjab, India (1733 downloads) Amrit Virk , Aarti Sareen, Jaspreet Takkar , Gagandeep Singh Grover , B.P. Gupta 20. A Cross Sectional study to determine prevalence of overweight and obesity and its association with Hypertension and Diabetes in Kungher ( RHTC Area) population of GMERS Medical College-Dharpur Patan. (1834 downloads) Nilesh Thakor, Sunil Nayak , Dipak Prajapati and Jignesh Chauhan 21. A study regarding awareness among mothers of children from 12 months to 23 months about growth charting and its determinants in rural area of Amritsar district (2205 downloads) Deepak Upadhyay, Mithila Bisht , Shyam Sunder Deepti , Tejbir Singh 22. Cultural Impact and Gender on Indian Young Adults in Using Social Networking Sites (3237 downloads) Narasimhamurthy N. 23. Causes of Male Re-canalisation (Vasovasostomy (Reversal Surgery)) in Vasectomy Client in Nepal (1970 downloads) Om Maharjan and Ashok Pandey 24. E-stamping: growth, opportunities and challenges in India (1754 downloads) Mohd Nasir 25. Molecular imprinted specific sorbents based on multiwalled carbon nanotube for the detection of progesterone through chromatographic urine analysis (2112 downloads) Anju Augustine and Beena Mathew 26. Poetry of Loss and Self-Disgust: A Study of Eunice de Souza (15126 downloads) Anju Bala Sharma and Tanu Gupta


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