Volume 2 Issue 9 (July-Aug., 2015 (Spcl. Issue))

1. Assessing Proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Disease: Protein- Creatinine Ratio Vs Albumin-Creatinine Ratio (2018 downloads) Divya Dharshini B, Ganesh M , Santhi Silambanan 2. Portrayal of Racism and Ethnicity in Tabish Khair’s “The Thing About Thugs” (1040 downloads) Ranjana Singh 3. Evaluation of risk factors for occurrence of Myocardial Infarction among women in urban population of south India: cross sectional study (958 downloads) Landge Jyoti , Khadkikar Gajanan D ,Mangudkar Sangram S 4. Affective Responses on Consumer Behavior: A New Perspective on IMC (1246 downloads) Ratul Sur 5. Osazones of the Uncommonly Encountered Reducing Sugars (7934 downloads) Vinod Babu S , Santhi Silambanan , Krithika 6. Tintin Needs His Other: A Study of Othering and Colonial Politics in “The Adventures of Tintin” (1134 downloads) Debottama Roy 7. Dialect of Paschim Medinipur District of India and a Sketch of its Usefulness (Article in Bengali) (998 downloads) Swarup Dey 8. Mahakavi Bharavi: A Discussion (Article in Bengali) (1096 downloads) Tarun Kumar Banerjee 9. The Prospects of Library and Information Science Professionals in Post-Industrial Era (1323 downloads) Amiya Paramanik 10. How long a female has to run to achive her dreams.?- questioning the feminism in the film “How old are you” (926 downloads) Nusaiba. P 11. Bani Basu’s ‘Maitraya Jatak’ : Interpretation of Buddhism (Article in Bengali) (998 downloads) Madhuri Nath 12. Health Insurance in India: Need to Address (1113 downloads) Bharat Paul ,Vivek , J.S.Malik , Neelam Kumar 13. Problems of Tribal Development in Coastal Karnataka (1945 downloads) Duggappa Kajekar 14. Sectional Approach Towards Extensive Analysis of Psychological Aspects of Obesity (963 downloads) Navin Kumar , Pranjay Gupta , Ashish Tiwari, Inayat Singh, Sarthak Agrawal, Shashank Agrawal 15. Youth Dormitory in the Life of the Liangmai Naga, India (1466 downloads) Charaibou Daimai and Geetika Ranjan 16. Bacteriophages as Twenty-First Century Antibacterial Tools for Food and Medicine (1406 downloads) Desai Ishani and Shah Tina 17. Epidemiology of Animal Bite Cases Attending Tertiary Health Care Centre of Bhuj City of India: A Cross-Sectional Study (1109 downloads) Niraj Bharadva, Shreyash R. Mehta, Pravin Yerpude, Keerti Jogdand, Kartik N. Trivedi 18. Serum Adiponectin Level in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Urban South Indian Population (982 downloads) Leena Chand, A. Manikandan , Santhi Silambanan, Jothimalar 19. Acute Pancreatitis: Role of Imaging Modalities (1066 downloads) Abu Noaman and Ashok Kumar Gupta 20. Teaching English Communicative Skills to Technical Students: A Case of Difference for English as Second Language and English as Third Language (987 downloads) Sweta Sinha 21. A Study on Prevalence of Practice of Universal Precautions Among Health Care Workers in Medical College, Jhansi (U.P) (1339 downloads) Swati Singh, A. K Malhotra, Santosh K. Verma, Rashmi Yadav, Shubhanshu Gupta


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